Magician – Ben Hartley

Prepare to be enchanted by Ben Hartley, your magician for the night. With his close-up magic, he’ll weave an unforgettable evening of wonder. Ben, a master of mystique, will astonish you with sleight of hand that defies explanation. As you mingle, he’ll make the impossible real before your eyes, inviting you to be part of the magic. Get ready for a night filled with enchantment, where the elusive Ben Hartley will leave you spellbound.

Master of Communications (MC) – Patrick Maynard

Feel at ease that the night will be handled wonderfully with the amazing, Patrick Maynard guiding us throughout our entire night. A hardworking and dedicated individual, Patrick has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, allowing us to know for sure that the evening will be nothing short of excellence with him on board.

Band / DJ – Charlie and the Fat Boys

Our music for the evening is being handled by the talented, Charlie and the Fat Boys! Be ready to get on your feet after your three-course meal and enjoy the musical styles of a band that can do everything. With a little bit of this and a little bit of that, there is next to no chance of disappointment with these boys!

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